Our Vision:

Children’s Equity Zones

To spark a world-class cultural renaissance and neighborhood revitalization movement — that establishes the world’s most comprehensive Children’s Equity Zone.


Our Mission

We are a 21st Century innovative ecosystem that creates children’s opportunity zones to alleviate gaps in eduction, culture, health, and peace in high-poverty income neighborhoods - so that success is not defined by zip codes.

The Way of Life

"Where Common Thought Meets Uncommon Action" 

Declaration of Children’s Rights


The Conscious Connect, Inc.’s Declaration of Children’s Rights focuses on four programmatic areas: education, culture, health, and peace. Each tenant of rights contains multiple objectives - that if achieved would assist the Conscious Connect, Inc. in establishing the preeminent children’s opportunity zones in the world. The Declaration serves as the foundation to address issues of opportunity and equity for children and families that are “at-promise” to close outcomes and achievement gaps.

“The Conscious Connect’s efforts are not only inspiring, but necessary if we are going to address the opportunity gap in our region.”

— Diane Farrell, Director of External Relations and Development, Dayton Metro Library